Monday, January 15, 2018

Women Combats & Social Networks

What is the best way to follow the news about fighting women? My Blog? Nooo, it is just a hobby with few updates and personal biases. I am talking about the the giants, Facebook and many others. I have prepared a summary of my opinions on some of them.

- Facebook: big, with a lot of useful and not so useful information. Too polluted with ads, meetings, games, etc to my taste and... censored!;

- YouTube: I have used it a lot, as you can see on my Theater, which uses playlists built with other users uploads. Main problem: censorship and unpredictable troubles to users. For example, in the last few weeks, two of my playlists were suddenly removed because they "contained inadequate material". Gee, as I said, I don´t upload anything, I just refer to other videos that are online!!!;

- Instagram: small community of female fighting fans and censored;

- Tumblr: I use it regularly because it has a robust users list and they post interesting pictures and clips. And it is not censored! If you want to start your network there, look for the following names and grow up from them:
from a Tumblr user

- Twitter: in my opinion, the best way to follow the producers. Everyday they post something on the service. Even the Japanese are there (with their expensive videos!). And censorhip is non-existent. I have in my list:

Monday, January 8, 2018

They Are Not Cris Cyborg Nor Holly Holm

They are not the two MMA fight monsters but the four South Koreans put up an interesting cage kick boxing match with one innovation: a tag team bout. They don´t have strength or much skill either but the combat is for real and one athlete will dominate the event with punishing blows.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Let Me Go (52): California Style

OMG, more than four years since the last installment in this series! To try to make it up, I am posting a vintage collection of headscissors from California Supreme, one of women wrestling pioneers. Worth noticing is the nude interracial segment with Brenda. I think it is a decent year start... 


Monday, December 25, 2017

Extreme Wedgies

With such garments, what the girls could expect after a few minutes of combat? The fabric would certainly invade the frontal intimate parts with no ceremony (and very likely causing a lot of discomfort). Pictures are best to verify the most extreme cases, starting from slide one. Unfortunately, some of the later images are not sharp.

Scenes come from the usual suspects: DWW, ECNWC, Academy, Japanese catfights and others.


Monday, December 18, 2017


MMA, sexy outfits and... Russian women: great possibilities of success. Since the disappearance of BSA - a DWW series - no one had taken this sub-genre that blends real fight with beautiful girls displaying her assets. Russian Woman Wrestling (or Rumble Matreshka) seems interested to fill the gap and has released at least two videos with this outline.

I have two samples of those videos: the first features Vlada vs Rada in the Wrestling Castle series and it is very good. The second has action but lacks the sex appeal (Devgirl vs Lilu).


Monday, December 11, 2017

On Target

I am always amazed with the Japanese regularity in producing wrestling videos that follow a well defined script. In this case, the atributes are: beautiful and slim fighters, revealing swimsuits with high cuts, choreographed fight and - the most important in this post - lots of time with the camera pointing to the girl´s "garden of delices".

Crotch viewing is an obsession in the Japanese sex culture and women fighting follows the stream. As you know there is a strange catch in the porn regulations in the sun rising country: no genitalia can be exhibited and usually the producers hide them through image pixelation. The result is always bizarre and annoys everybody.

However, in many videos - like the one below, SSB-02 - the women are not naked and despite the just one inch of fabric that covers the forbidden area, rules allow full resolution and the outcome is better than in nude fights.  


Monday, December 4, 2017

Double Rarity

Finding one missing Video Sports video is rare; finding a Video Sports video with Lisa-Marie is really is a lottery award. There is another plus: the kiwi fights Africa, a powerful and strong wrestler. I was expecting a dominance from the black wrestler but did not happen.

The video is VSL-067.

Part 2:

Friday, December 1, 2017

Alert: Nudie On The Blog Theater

In the top position in the Blog Theater playlist is a trailer of Bare Behind Bars, a class Z prison movie from the 1980s, with full nudes. Curiously, it was posted on October 2016 and apparently nobody cared about the generous bushes on display (or nobody has seen the clip...).


Note: I got the full movie as well and did a fast forward playing; unfortunately, although full of promising nude beauties there are no catfights whatsoever. It was just a B 1980s porn movie.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Good Acting

I do not believe they are for real but those stretching holds have credibility. After all, everything comes from our minds and the world may well be just a fixture of our imagination. 

Letting philosophy aside, the segments below go from prudish to nude and contain: Rusty Blair vs Nicky Monroe in a vintage pro-wrestling hold that I love, Gina vs Hosaka in SlamminLadies, Brooke vs Violetta in Super Action Fight SAF-02, Hollywood vs Barbara in Special Interests SV-082, a rarely seen hold in an unknown topless bout and the nude gem, Woman´s World Video SLV880.